Ancient Civilisations

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Course Summary

Code: 4004Y20S2  

Starting: Friday 23 April 2021 

Location: Southchurch Centre  

Duration: 14 sessions over 14 week(s)

Time: 09:45 

Cost: £166/£133/£67  

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This course will cover the non-Greaco-Roman (and non-Egyptian) civilisations of the Near East, Aegean, and Mediterranean basin, together with selected cultures from Meso-, and South America (Aztecs/Incas). The origins and causes of civilisation, and definitions, will be covered. Cultures covered will include, The Minoans, Mycenaeans, Hittites, Sumer, Babylon, Assyrians, Persia, Etruscans, Phoenicians, Carthage, the Aztecs/Maya/Toltec, and the Incas. (By group negotiation these by be amended in favour of, Troy, the Sea Peoples, Scythians, Cycladic civilisation, Celti-Iberians, etc.)  

Time and duration

Start Date: 23 April 2021
Start Time: 09:45
Day: Friday Morning
First Lesson Duration: 02:00
Total Weeks: 14


Southchurch Centre  
Southend Adult Community Coll  
Ambleside Drive
Southend on Sea  
Essex SS1 2UP

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